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Don't look at me like that.. Is it because of my horrid appearance...?

S E M I - H I A T U S
NAME: Fukawa Touko (腐川 冬子)
CURRENT LOCATION: Hope's Peak Academy
M!A: --
Relationship: Single
Status: Missing

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WARNING!: Insane amount of OOC and CRACK posts that may or may not come up. You have been warned.

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And neither do these idiots talkin’ shit about me! Of course they don’t know! I don’t wanna be all condescending and everything, but they’re just average people. I know I make fame look easy, but it isn’t! It seriously isn’t but I asked for it, so I don’t have any damn right to complain but with my manager nagging my one of my ears and my fans trying to cut another, I can’t help but be PISSED! It’s human instinct, isn’t it?! To get mad at shit like this!..


Alright. I dunno what you did back then, but whatever you say. And you know I won’t back out of a friendship, right? I’m totally loyal now. As long as you don’t try to pull some shit on me, I won’t pull some shit on you, alright? So I’ve got your back until you decide to stab my back. Or maybe a bit before that. it depends on the circumstances, heh.. 

Um… U-Um… I’m s-sorry y-y-you have t-to go through all of that K-Kuwata. I am v-very, very sorry—!


S-Stab, huh….

The l-last thing I w-want is to betray a friend… I’m q-quite surprised myself that I already have a friend who s-stayed this long… I c-can’t guarantee about the stabbing though… I mean literal… stabbing.. 

If she ever comes around again…



        ….Alright. Got’cha. Heheh…You’re just as weird as I remembered you were, Fukawa.


       That’s what everyone’s saying and it’s fuckin’ pissing me off. What am I supposed to do? Sit here and look like some kind of idiot and let people, my fans, throw shit at me, for being in the wrong spotlight? Am I supposed to make my manager walk over me like I’m some kind of rug?! Y’know, when I was on the field, shit like this didn’t happen at all.

       Riight. Did you get diagnosed with something? Well, whatever it is, don’t break anything, alright? We just reunited and shit as friends and you know how messed that would be if you just backed out on me like that?

C-Calm down! It’s not like I’ve been that particularly popular as you…! Super High School Level Novelist… Not a lot of people are in to books to g-get that sort of satisfaction of the spotlight. M-Maybe they just don’t know what you’re going through. I sh-should just shut my mouth…

No, n-no. I just don’t want to get in to the trouble of my past being repeated again for d-doing such stupid things… that could eventually hurt me again and again… 

…I won’t. I w-won’t back out.. Unless you would.. That’ll be another story…



Her? Who’s messin’ with you now?


I’m doing totally better! Livin’ up in a new limelight, getting famous all over Japan again, livin’ to the fullest…It’s like I’m fourteen again and taking my first step into Koshien, as in, the actual stadium and not seats, despite not being an official high schooler yet! My heart’s all beating fast and it’s like I’ve never been so alive….


…. Or some cheesy shit like that, anyways.

It’s not all that exciting, Fukawa. Not what I expected, anyways…

But whatever. Glad to know you’re life’s pretty moderate and all..

N-No one. No one’s m-messing with me… I’m sorry. I was just talking to myself.

Maybe you’re just not there yet… I mean you’re just starting, aren’t you..? You’ll get there…

My life’s been pretty peaceful. Better than anything exciting nor what I had before. A-All I need to do is just… Be careful with what I do…



Yeah! I think. We never heard of her again after she left Kaz. Chiaki also sorta left us. We’re at that point where we’re everyone’s starting to go their own ways, aren’t we? With their futures, dreams, and all that sappy stuff…

…Ah. Right… Heheh… That was some pretty dramatic stuff, back in the days.. But I’m glad you’re doin’ a lot better, Fukawa! You had me worried a lot back then! Heh… Look at us, with our jobs and shit. We’re adults! Totally lame!!

Y-Yes… Quite ‘lame’. I-I don’t know anymore… I’m just glad my therapist haven’t deduced about her yet. I’m sure you’re doing better. Things are same old for me despite all our friends’ daily shenanigans…



We started to get busier, actually. And we lost some people—I mean, not like death or anything, but as like contacts and whatever—and we gained some people. You know how life works.

Heheh.. But I’m surprised you’re back! I thought you were gone with the wind! When was the last time I’ve heard of you? November, I think—- Shiit! You don’t even know that I got a contract under an agency, huh?! Or that me and my band debuted?! Our first single was a hit!

Yes… I n-noticed that Miss Nevermind left the country now that she graduated now, didn’t she? I don’t know about the others… I haven’t m-met the other new people either…

Ah, r-right. I’m still going through r-rehabilitation from the last time I was here.. My therapist said I should take a laid-back job. So I took a librarian job in town… During one of my breaks, I did hear your voice in the radio and my workmates were talking about it too. I was confused at first until you just told me. Congratulations.



….It’s been a while, huh?..

Yeah… I-It has been… I’m pretty sure everyone’s having a grand time lately.. I’ve l-lost contact with a lot of people so.. I don’t know how everyone’s doing…





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